I'm a software developer from Manchester, UK. Here are links to a few bits and bobs that I've played with in my spare time.

A methodology
A software development methodology that doesn't suck. Flowchart generated with mermaid so PR me with improvements!
An ugly micro-kanren implementation in javascript using generators. Made for a talk at Sheffield JS.
Out Of The Tarpit
A talk prepared for Barcamp Manchester about the paper 'Out Of The Tarpit'
Konekt 4
Play connect 4 online against random people. Sorta works. Not so good on mobile.
Erlang Lightning Talk
Video, description & code from a lighting talk on Erlang.
D3 Tutorial
Some example pages showing D3.js in action. Build up a scatterplot with interaction and animation.
Game Of Life
JavaScript implementation of Conway's Game Of Life.
Gratuitous use of D3 force layout that was my previous home page.